Advocacy work in the government sector

The advocacy work to protect the interests of members who work for the state is largely handled via the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO. The employer is represented by the Office for the Government as Employer (VTML), which is part of the Ministry of Finance.

As the main national negotiation organisation, JUKO negotiates the collective agreements for Akava members working in the public sector. The agreements set out salaries and other terms of employment. The state employs some 35,000 managers and experts belonging to unions affiliated with Akava.

JUKO has a state negotiation committee that decides on the collective agreements and advocacy work at the central state level. The negotiation committee guides and supports the work of representatives via dedicated Agreements and Bargaining Officers.

Advocacy work at the local level is also an integral part of JUKO’s operations. The organisation has more than 2,000 representatives. The representatives negotiate with employers at workplaces and assist members in employment-related matters.

Loimu and several other unions publish a quarterly e-newsletter, Keppi ja Porkkana (“Stick and Carrot”) for their members in the government sector. In order to receive the newsletter, members must ensure that their e-mail address and employer information is correctly entered in the union’s register of members.

Approximately 2,400 Loimu members are employed by the state.
At Loimu, advocacy work in the government sector is led by Advocacy Director Arja Varis, arja.varis (at)





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