Frequently asked questions about coronavirus

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  • Can my employer make me work from home?
  • Is it possible to start working from home on my own initiative due to the risk of infection?
  • What happens if I am quarantined?
  • You are allowed to stay home to look after your child if the child’s condition requires your presence.
  • What are the possible effects of my absence on my annual holiday?
  • The company is struggling financially due to the current situation, what are the possible scenarios?
  • How can I guarantee my income if I contract coronavirus?
  • Can my employer tell me to carry my work equipment on my free time?
  • Should I travel for business?
  • I am about to return or I have recently returned from a business trip abroad
  • I have returned from a trip abroad and my employer is telling me to stay home, am I entitled to my regular salary?
  • My employer wants to lay off people due to the situation caused by the virus
  • Does the situation caused by coronavirus count as adequate grounds for applying the crisis clause of the collective agreement?
  • I am unsure how to act on my employer’s suggestions in these circumstances



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