Salary recommendations in the industries 2019

The recommendations for salaries in the private sector are concluded on the basis of the survey taken yearly amongst our members. They are therefore based on real, actualized salaries and updated every year. The recommendation is settled on the 75 per cent fractile, meaning that 25 per cent of the members' salaries are at least on this level.

Salaries vary between different branches of industry, for example in the lumber industry the salaries are 10 - 15 per cent higher than the recommendations below.

Recommendations for 2019

Group I
Minimum 4.200 euros per month
A degree in science, at most a couple of years of experience

Group II
Minimum 5.200 euros per month
Specialist knowledge/skills or many years of work experience or lower middle management

Group III
Minimum 6.300 euros per month
Demanding tasks requiring specialist knowledge, with management responsibilities or demanding projects, middle management tasks

Group IV
Minimum 5.600 euros per month
Lower middle management, e.g. production supervisor or team leader

Group V
Minimum 6.200 euros per month
High middle management

Group VI
Minimum 8.000 euros per month
Demanding management tasks or budgetery responsibility

Group VII
Highest management, personal contract depending on responsibilities

Salary recommendation for the newly graduated (2018 or 2019) is 3 300 euros per month.








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