Loimu salary recommendations

Student members 2020-2021:

Early stage of studies 0-180 cr 2 250 € / month
Intermediate stage of studies 181-240 cr * 2 400 € / month
Final stage of studies, more than 240 cr 2 700 € / month
* Bachelor's degree completed

When a master's thesis is done outside university, the salary recommendation is 2 700 € / month. The compensation is recommended to be paid as a salary instead of a lump sum.

If you need to calculate hourly wage, you can do it by dividing your monthly wage by 150.

Newly graduated

Salary recommendation for the newly graduated (2019 or 2020) is 3 400 euros per month.


With the help of our own research and other statistical information available, we  advise our members on salary development and salary request in different branches. Send e-mail to Loimu Career services urapalvelut (at), where you add also the job announcement.

You can also discuss and get guidance for negotiating salary in your current job. Contact Loimu Career services when you want to discuss more about salaries.








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