Check membership fees on your pre-completed 2018 tax return

Membership fees are tax-deductible. In February, we sent the information about membership fees paid during 2018 to the Tax Administration. The Tax Administration then transfers the information to pre-completed tax return forms.

According to the Tax Administration’s instructions, everyone must check the information on their pre-completed tax return. If the membership fee amount is not visible on the tax return or it is incorrect, you must correct this on the tax return yourself. The most convenient way to check the payments you have made is to sign in to the members’ intranet at or to send your questions about membership fees by email to

If the member pays membership fees themselves, the fees paid in 2018 are tax-deductible in the taxation for 2018. The Tax Administration approves the deduction on the basis of the payment date.

If the member has had membership fees returned to them, the return amount will be subtracted from the sum of membership fees paid. Therefore, the information reported to the Tax Administration is the difference between membership fees paid and returned.

If the employer collects the membership fee directly from the member’s salary, the membership fees that have been collected for salary payment periods that ended in 2018 are tax-deductible in the taxation for 2018. The total membership fee amount should appear in the last payslip of the year. Employers submit the information to the union. If the employer has not submitted this information before 20 February, it may be missing from the tax proposal and the member needs to add the information themselves. The union also sends the corrected information to the Tax Administration in late summer, after which the information will be updated.





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