Equity savings account without fixed monthly charges

Danske Bank offers members of Akava member unions who have a partnership agreement with Danske Bank access to an equity savings account without management fees. Account holders pay only for the trade they make. Until the end of March trades are at a fixed rate of €2 per order in mobile and online banking.

Riikka Laine-Tolonen, head of retail banking Finland, Danske Bank, says that Danske is striving to lower the threshold for Finns to save and invest.

”One out of two Finns believes that they have no possibility to become wealthy. Investment is one way to build up wealth and one which, alongside housing loan repayment, we think plays a key role in helping Finns to become wealthy. By offering more possibilities to become wealthy, we are contributing to improving the financial peace of mind of Finns.


Good to know about equity savings accounts

Equity savings accounts have been much in the news, but what exactly are they?

1. What is an equity savings account?
An equity savings account is an account within which you can buy and sell shares in listed Finnish and foreign companies without incurring any direct tax consequences. With an equity savings account, investors do not pay taxes on the return on their investments until they withdraw money from the account. Return on investments is taxable capital income. Also dividends within an equity savings account are tax exempt.

2. When will equity savings accounts be available?
By law, saving, i.e. money transfer and trading, in an equity savings account is possible from 1 January 2020 onwards.

3. Who can open an equity savings account?
Any private person (natural person) can open an equity savings account and an account can also be opened for children under the age of 18. Equity savings accounts are not available to companies and organisations.

4. How much money can be transferred to an equity savings account?
Private investors can transfer a maximum of €50,000, either as a lump sum or in instalments, to an equity savings account. The limit of €50,000 applies to the amount that can be transferred to an account, in other words the value of investments may rise above or fall below this amount.

5. How many equity savings accounts can I open?
Equity savings accounts are restricted to one per person.
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