JUKO reminds: more than half of the teaching and research personnel work part-time

Universities increase the number of students, the amount of teaching work increases – JUKO reminds that the large number of fixed-term employees, more than half of the teaching and research personnel work part-time.
During the autumn, the number of students in Loimu’s industries was significantly increased. We closely monitor the development of fixed-term teaching and research personnel and, where necessary, support our members in challenging unjustified fixed-term employment contracts.

In the university sector, the Negotiations Organization for Academics in the Public Sector JUKO negotiates the collective agreements of the people of Akava and points out that as the number of students in the universities increases so does the amount of teaching.

- New recruitments are expected. However, the situation of fixed-term employment must be examined before that. Our message is clear: first make the posts of unjustifiably fixed-term employees permanent, and only then hire new personnel, emphasises Katja Aho, the Chief Negotiator at JUKO's University Sector.

According to the Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers (Sivista), almost 70 per cent of the teaching and research personnel of universities worked on fixed-term contracts between 1998 and 2019. Even without doctoral students, the figure remains high at 60 per cent. The gap with other wage earners is exceptionally large, with only 16 per cent of all wage earners working on fixed-term contracts in 2019.

Aho wants to remind that future funding for universities applies to full degrees.

- Funding will also be increased through the funding model, which is why universities have no grounds to hire new fixed-term employees or keep a large number of current fixed-term employees as the positions are permanent.

- It is now important that shop stewards and fixed-term employees are active, and that the criteria for fixed-term contracts are reviewed.

The review of fixed-term contracts will also be discussed at the University sector days in November.

- In December–January, we will conduct a survey among our shop stewards to find out how the reviews and the establishing permanent posts instead of the unjustified fixed-term contracts are progressing in Finnish universities, says Aho.

The right to information
At least once a year, the chief shop steward has the right to obtain information about the personnel of their district or place of work

  • number of employees and related changes
  • number of fixed-term, part-time and third-party employees by the employer and related changes.
  • At least twice a year, the shop steward has the right to obtain information about the new fixed-term personnel of their district or place of work
  • name of the employee
  • job description
  • unit
  • time of commencement of employment
  • length of the employment
  • rationale for the fixed-term contract.

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