Loimu opposes the Government’s legislative proposal for facilitating the termination of employment for person-related reasons

The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu regards the Government’s legislative project for facilitating the termination of employment for person-related reasons as poorly conceived and demands that the Government abandon the drafting of the bill. The reform is justified by stating that it makes it easier to hire personnel for small companies.

- According to many experts, the employment-enhancing effects of the legislative proposal are very insignificant. Instead, the proposal undermines equality among employees by placing them on an unequal footing and skews the competitive positions of companies, says Loimu’s General Secretary Mikko Salo.

- Increasing employment is in the best interests of all social partners and society as a whole, but impairments in employment protection do not contribute to the achievement of this goal. A much more effective employment policy approach would be to focus energy on promoting measures that would genuinely create jobs in Finland, Mikko Salo comments. - These measures would include, for instance, the boosting of investments made by companies and the promotion of research, development and innovation.





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