The carbon footprint calculation of Loimu has been started

Last autumn, following the publication of the IPCC climate report, many actors began to reflect on the carbon footprint of their operations and the means for a more climate-friendly society. At its meeting in February, the Board of Directors of the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu decided to calculate the carbon footprint of Loimu’s operations and to prepare measures to reduce the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of Loimu is calculated using the Climate-smart NGO counter (Hiilifiksu järjestö in Finnish) developed at the University of Helsinki

- The purpose of the calculation is to figure out how big the carbon footprint of our union is, create goals to reduce the carbon footprint and prepare key reduction measures. At the same time, we want to communicate to our members on how to combat climate change. The project supports our strategy, which emphasizes responsibility and courage, says Miia Komulainen, the carbon footprint specialist in Loimu.

- The role of organizations in combating climate change is significant. There are 55,000 registered associations in Finland with a great capacity as agents of change. For climate change mitigation at the organizational level a self-contained climate load can be calculated, emission-intensive areas can be identified and reduction targets and measures can be set. In addition, also societal influence is important: to be involved in climate action and to act as a pioneer.






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