Loimu’s membership fees in 2019

Membership fee invoices will be mailed in January to members who pay their own fees. You can pay your membership fee in instalments (4 instalments) or as one payment for the whole year.

You can also pay your membership fee via e-invoicing. With e-invoicing, the membership fee is paid in monthly instalments. The monthly payments are due on the 15th day of each month.

You can order an e-invoice through your online banking system. After signing in, select the union from the list of invoicing parties. When ordering an e-invoice, please provide your national identification number for invoice tracking purposes. If necessary, you can receive additional information from your bank. More information on e-invoicing and direct debiting can be found on Finance Finland’s website

You can apply for a reduction in the membership fee by sending free-form e-mail to jasenasiat (at) or submitting an electronic form through the members’ intranet. You can access the intranet by signing in on the union’s home page. Your user name is your membership number and your default password is the last four digits of your national identification number.

You can find the membership fees for 2019 and bases for reduction here






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