Loimu’s strategy for 2019–2023

Towards a brighter future

In the strategy, Loimu defines its missions, values and visions as well as the promises made for the members in the current and future (2019–2024) terms in a manner that allows for making any possible revisions during the strategy term.

Mission and vision

Loimu’s mission is the well-being and success of its members. Loimu’s vision is to be an active influencer serving a happy and growing membership in 2024.
During the strategy term, Loimu plans its activities and directs financial and human resources based on promises made for the members and the objectives of said promises. The strategy aims for the best possible implementation of Loimu’s mission by achieving its vision and goals.

Loimu’s values

Loimu’s values are the basis of its activities. Loimu’s employees and persons in positions of trust commit to operate in accordance with Loimu’s values while implementing the strategy.

  • Member-centredness. We work for the best of our members by serving our members. A member can trust our expertise. We exist for our members.
  • Equality. We treat our members equally and promote social equality.
  • Boldness. We are ready to make bold decisions. We want to try new solutions. We are cooperative and open.
  • Responsibility. We operate responsibly and in accordance with sustainable development. We support the members of Loimu in creating a brighter future.

Our commitments – promises for a brighter future

1. We actively serve our members

  • Members are happy with our services
  • We constantly clarify what services our members need
  • We are interested in the well-being of our members
  • We support our members during changes in work life

2. We supervise the benefits of our members in the labour market

  • We provide specialised advice on employment and civil service relationships
  • We actively and proactively work on the direction and contents of Akava’s labour market activities
  • We promote equality in the workplace and society
  • We support and train personnel representatives who are members of Loimu

3. We want to grow and become stronger as a union

  • We invest in memberships and recruiting new members
  • We look for growth potential in Loimu’s fields
  • We strengthen and increase Loimu’s presence on campuses
  • We activate members of Loimu for positions of trust in the workplace

4. We develop the education and skills of our members in Loimu’s fields

  • We influence the quality and content of education in Loimu’s fields
  • We influence the amount of education in Loimu’s fields
  • We cooperate with institutes of higher education that train members of Loimu
  • We influence the national education policy
  • We support the continuous learning of our members
  • We develop the skills of our members by offering them diverse services of high quality

5. We improve the operating conditions in Loimu’s fields

  • We influence matters of trade and other politics that are important to members of Loimu
  • We promote the positive recognition of Loimu’s fields
  • We influence the funding of research, development and innovation activities
  • We influence the operating conditions of public operators that are important to members of Loimu
  • We participate in the communities of Loimu’s fields
  • We influence matters regarding the legislation in Loimu’s fields

6. We act as the mouthpiece for the members of Loimu

  • We promote the recognition and appreciation of Loimu’s fields
  • We are a bold social conversationalist
  • We highlight the work and achievements of the members of Loimu

7. We build the communality of Loimu

  • We support the activities and mutual cooperation of Loimu’s member associations
  • We promote the regional and field-specific networking of members of Loimu
  • We create and organise events for the members of Loimu
  • We support the development of expertise and a Loimu-oriented identity

8. We carry our responsibility in building a sustainable future

  • We apply the principles of sustainable development in our activities
  • We support actions that promote global justice
  • We highlight the expertise of Loimu members as part of a sustainable future

Loimu’s strategy has been created during 2018 thanks to the efforts of Loimu’s strategy team, office, Board of Directors and Board of Delegates. The presidents of Loimu’s member associations worked on the strategy during their seminar in April 2018. The Loimu Board of Delegates has confirmed the strategy in their autumn meeting on 24 November 2018






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