Mobile membership card 2020 in preparation

Mobile membership card 2020 in preparation

A new browser-based service is currently being prepared that combines the union’s mobile membership card, news feed and the membership benefits and holiday homes on offer in the member+ service. The service will replace the current Loimu membership cards.

The web service is set to be released as soon as possible, but no later than the beginning of 2020. We will keep you updated on the schedule as the project progresses. The web service for members of Akava unions is being prepared by A-lomat together with the member+ service.

Loimu’s current membership cards will expire at the end of 2019, but this will not affect the membership benefits. If you’re going to be travelling around the turn of the year, it’s a good idea to download the Taskuturva application (in Finnish) on your phone or print an insurance certificate from Loimu’s intranet and take it with you.

Read more about Taskuturva on the Turva website (in Finnish).

Read more about Loimu’s insurance benefits on our website.

Log in to the member intranet, read more and print an insurance certificate from the member intranet following the instructions.





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