Strike warning issued in the technology industry

The validity of the collective agreement of the technology industry’s senior salaried employees expired at the end of October. Since then, we have been attempting to negotiate a new collective agreement with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Unfortunately, there has not been any success. For the time being, we have not been able to proceed in the negotiations in the way that corresponds the targets of YTN.

In order to speed up the negotiations, YTN has previously announced an overtime ban and prohibited the technology industry salaried employees to travel during leisure time. Sunday 24 November the YTN has issued a strike warning that concerns 50 workplaces in the technology industry. The industrial action in the technology industry will take place from 9 December to 11 December, and in the consulting sector between 9 December and 18 December, three days per workplace.

What does the expiration of collective agreement mean?

Even if the collective agreement expires, its provisions will be respected on the basis of the aftereffect.
Except the industrial peace, all the provisions of the previous CA apply.

Contracts of employment concluded during the period of no agreement shall not be affected. A separate entry should be made for the new employment contract to comply with the provisions of the expired collective agreement until the new collective agreement enters into force.

Local agreements are also respected during the aftereffect. However, new local agreements cannot be concluded during the no agreement time.

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