Sustainable future for the next Government Programme

Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu has published its Government Programme objectives for the coming government term. We propose for the legislative period of 2019–2023 that the Finnish Government prepares a programme for a sustainable future that takes the policies of Loimu into account in order to guide the Government policy.

The proposals of Loimu for building a sustainable future are:

  • Investing in education and research that advance competitiveness, skills and new innovations
  • Committing to developing fields of bioeconomy and their education and research networks
  • Investing in innovative and productive research and business activities that intertwine with health care
  • Exploiting forests in a sustainable and versatile way, and implementing a forest and industrial policy that aims to increase the coal supply
  • Ensuring the conservation of the biodiversity of Finland
  • Advancing employment flexibility, equality related to the opportunities of combining working and family life, and the well-being of employees and their opportunities to exert influence

The Government Programme objectives crop up from a broader Loimu programme for a sustainable future that was accepted in late 2018. The programme for sustainable future has been in progress since spring by the personnel and members of the Loimu Board of Directors and Board of Delegates. Work has been done in tandem with the Loimun tulevaisuus (Future of Loimu) strategy, and the Loimu strategy and sustainable future programmes support and complement each other.







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