The collective agreement in the YTN Chemical sector has expired – ‘No valid agreement’- time has begun

The negotiations for the collective agreement (CA) in the Chemical sector have not yet been finished, they are still going on. So we are entering so called ”no agreement time” from Sunday 1 December 2019.

What does the ending of the collective agreement and No agreement time mean in practice?

Even though the CA expires, some parts of it are still valid even in the no agreement time, caused by the so called aftereffect of the CA. Also the local / company level agreements are valid because of the aftereffect. This protects the workers until the new agreement has been negotiated.

This aftereffect affects entries of the CA about the salary and the working time. But, the industrial peace obligation is not included in the aftereffect. This makes it possible to use industrial actions to speed up the negotiations, if these are needed.

If you are making a new employment contract in the Chemical sector within the no agreement time, you should take in consideration that the aftereffect of the CA does not affect the new work contract made during this no agreement time. In these kind of situations it should be written in the new employment contract that the expired CA is applied until the new CA has been negotiated and is valid.

Why we don’t have agreement yet in the negotiations?

Even though the negotiations have been going on in a good spirit, we have not an agreement yet. At the same time several sectors both YTN and others are negotiating at the same time, and that is why our next day for negotiating will be one week away, 12.12 at one pm. The biggest issues, salary rises and the “kiky 24 h working time extension” have not been dealt at all yet. Other issues have been dealt, but all these are still conditional, because the CA is agreed as a bigger, whole package, and the big picture is important.

So, what happens next?

During the negotiations, the workers are represented by unions via YTN, and the employers are represented by the employers’ union Kemianteollisuus ry (Chemical Industry Federation of Finland).

The negotiating parties have agreed, that the negotiations will continue on Thursday 12.12.2019. If there’s a need for industrial actions, we will inform our members about it by mail. We will also tell about the negotiations in our Facebook site and if needed, also by mail.

Check out that your union knows where you work and that your contact information is valid. You should also take care that you have given your union also a personal mail address. This is important for the negotiations and also because we inform our members by mail about the ongoing negotiating status. Note, General unemployment fund - YTK, is not an union!





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