The new collective agreement is published for the chemical industry

We have finally published the long-awaited new collective agreement for the senior salaried employees in the chemical industry (only in Finnish). It has some new elements, so we have trained shop stewards on the topic. Some shop stewards have already attended the collective agreement training.

One new topic is section 5.1 of the protocol of signature which discusses deviations from the regulation on working hours. According to the section, it is possible for the employer to assign 16 hours of work per calendar year outside of regular working hours under certain conditions. We will discuss these conditions in greater detail.

Work will be assigned in situations justified by a productional need. In practice, this means that this need is created when there is an unforeseen situation. In order to create a framework for this, we must inspect the needs of the workplaces. We will have examples of these once such situations arise.

Follow the law — not suggestions

In addition to health-related issues, the coronavirus has also caused financial trouble. Last week, the labour market organisations published a list of 16 measures they have presented to the government.
Please note that these are suggestions that will be processed by the government and assessed by the parliament. In time, they will become legislative proposals. These are measures which will help companies and employees weather the storm which has been caused by the coronavirus.

For now, we are still following the existing laws. We do not know when new laws and decrees will be potentially enforced.

This is why I would like to remind all shop stewards, i.e. representatives of the personnel, to familiarise themselves with the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings. Read Chapter 9 on miscellaneous provisions. Tools for the workplace are available in the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings and the collective agreement.

If the situation at your workplace becomes difficult, do not hesitate to contact us digitally. We will find a solution together.





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