Salary recommendations for students

The salary and Master’s thesis recommendations provided by us are based on our salary surveys and comparisons of salary recommendations for students of applicable unions.

The recommendation is intended for private sector work tasks concerning the student’s own study field. Salaries are also affected by job demands, area-specific differences, previous work experience and possible additional studies or special skills. You can calculate the hourly pay by dividing the monthly salary by 150.

If the industry has a collective agreement defining the salary of tasks performed by trainees and students, the collective agreement must be complied with. An employment relationship and resulting salary are always the preferable alternative when compared to rewards, stipends and grants. The employment relationship accrues benefits to you, and the work requirement necessary for the earnings-related unemployment allowance also accumulates.

Loimu’s salary recommendations for students in 2022–2023:

Early stage of studies, 0–180 study points, EUR 2,450/month
Intermediate stage of studies 181–240 credits, €2,700/month
Advanced stage of studies, more than 240 study points, EUR 2,800/month

* Completed bachelor’s degree

The salary recommendation for students who write their Master’s thesis to a party external to the university is EUR 2,800/month. It is recommended that the compensation be paid as a salary instead of a one-time payment.

Salary negotiation sparring

If you need help with preparing the salary requirement, please send an email to the Career Services or reserve an appointment for personal salary negotiation sparring.