Rent a cottage in Nuuksio

The cottage of Helsingin metsänhoitajat in Nuuksio National Park is available to members of Loimu as a rental cottage.The cottage is located on the shore of lake Kolmikulmalampi, nearly 40 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki on the north-west side of lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio. It is surrounded by peaceful woodland.

For more information on how to get there, please visit the website of Helsingin metsänhoitajat (in Finnish)


In the national park, camping and building a fire is only allowed in the maintained camping areas. Anyone who has paid the fisheries management fee is allowed to fish. Using motor vehicles outside marked roads, littering, damaging vegetation, soil or other forms of nature, disturbing animals, letting dogs and cats off their leash and hunting, is forbidden.

After your visit, remember to replace all the firewood you have used, tidy up the cottage and sauna and mark your visit in the guestbook.
The cottage rules must be followed.

Supplies at the cottage

The cottage accommodates ten people. The cabin has beds for six people and the kitchen accommodates four. The mattresses, pillows, duvets and curtains were replaced in 2010, but visitors must bring their own bedlinen and pillowcases (or a sleeping bag).

The cottage does not have electricity. The cabin and kitchen are heated with wood-burning stoves. The cottage is equipped with the essential kitchen utensils. As the cottage does not have a cellar or a well, any drinking water must be carried from the lake or from the well at the Haukanpesä Guide Hut. The cottage has a lakeshore sauna, a grill, a dry closet and a woodshed.


The cottage can be reserved through the calendar of Helsingin metsänhoitajat.
Your reservation will not be displayed in the calendar until the caretaker of the cottage receives your reservation form and confirms it. The caretaker of the cottage is Jouko Lehtoviita, and visitors must personally agree on picking up and returning the keys with him. When picking up the keys, remember to prove your Loimu membership with your membership card.

Price (pricing for “cooperation partners”)

  • EUR 75 per day
  • EUR 150 per weekend
  • EUR 400 per week outside public holidays

For more information on prices, please visit (in Finnish)





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