Career services for individual needs

The members of the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu have access to a career services package customised to meet their needs. We want to help you to succeed by supporting you in your career and job search.

Job opportunities

Job adds in English for specifically Loimu members are published training sector-specifically on the Loimun avoimet työpaikat -page and collectively in social media. We will supplement the automatic searches on the website with advertisements submitted to us by employers, and the supplemented lists are published in social media on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Choose the channel that you actively follow!

Remember to check also LinkedIn Jobs, since most of the ads are published in English.

Career Portal video library and webinars

By signing into Loimu’s comprehensive Career Portal, you have access to concise video tips for career design and job search. There are already over 10 videos, and they are free for the members to watch! You can also watch the Job Search in Finland webinar to develop you job-searching skills.

Log in and select the videos that suit you to support your career development. To log in, you will need your membership number: After logging in, select In English at the top corner of the page.

Employment and salaries

At the Union office, we advise members in matters relating to employment and salaries. You can also request help from the career services of the office for determining your own salary requirements: .
Loimu’s office can also provide comments on employment contracts. You can contact the person responsible for the supervision of interests and counseling in your own sector or .

Comments on CV and job application

It is a good idea to have your job application and CV read by someone else before sending the documents. Loimu’s members can get expert comments on their content and wording in Finnish and English, .

Send documents via encrypted email to Loimu office:

In accordance with the EU Privacy Policy, we provide the possibility to send personal information files in an encrypted comment. The encrypted email can be sent via the web browser using the following instructions.

  1. Open the web site
  2. Enter your e-mail in the field provided
  3. E-mail should be registered, register by “ordering” the link to your e-mail.
  4. Close the browser and log in to your own email. Click on the link to email, check the spam box if it does not appear to have arrived. The post's title is Registration, by no-reply at
  5. In the web browser, a link will be displayed. Write a host urapalvelut (at) Please use title to show the related issue, eg. CV commenting or CV comments in English. Include the necessary attachments and send the message. For the sake of security, it is a good idea to send an ordinary e-mail that says you've sent an encrypted email.

Comments on LinkedIn profile

Building a LinkedIn profile is a long-term effort, and the impression it gives is important in building your own profile as an expert, in job searching as well as elsewhere. You can use a personal comment service for assistance in editing your profile.

Support for job search

Loimu also supports its English-speaking members in job search through peer groups in the Uusimaa region. Read more about peer groups:


Finding your own career path can be challenging and requires talking with others working in the field. If you desire information, want to build your network and contemplate the direction of your career, mentoring can be a good option! We expect English-speaking members to have some level of understanding of Finnish so that you can take part in the training events and group discussions. A mentor and actor can decide to use English only in their talks. Check out application dates on this Finnish website.

Training and webinars

Loimu organises career and job search-related training events online and at all of its university cities. You can see the training in the event calendar on the home page of the website. Recordings of training provided by Loimu are available on the members’ intranet, which you can sign in to with your membership number.

Career coaching

Personal career coaching is provided to members via the UP Partners coaching company. Career counselling covers themes relating to job search, career design and development in your own work. Virtual coaching offers concrete tools to enable you to see your key skills and expertise. When you can identify your own skills, it is easier for you to convince others and succeed more often in your work. You can limit your job search to positions for which you have the most to offer, and you will get to work in a position that interests and motivates you. Book a counselling appointment at After logging in, select In English at the top corner of the page.




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