What is Loimu?

Loimu serves its members as an expert in working life

Loimu - the Finnish Union of Experts in Science, Environmental Scientists and Academic Foresters - is an advocacy and service organisation that creates added value for its members in matters related to working life. The academic disciplines represented by our members are characterised by high-level expertise that generates diverse and growing wellbeing for society.

Our goals are as follows:

  • to support our members’ success in working life
  • to ensure that our members have high-level expertise that meets the demands of working life
  • to make the best possible use of the expertise within the sectors represented by our members and ensure that it generates wellbeing for society
  • to ensure that the union’s resources and the organisation of its operations are in line with the above-mentioned goals

The new union will strengthen our bargaining efforts and boost our membership services, since the office will be staffed by a larger and more diverse personnel.

The Union's aim is to protect and improve the financial, professional and social interests of its members and to promote the employment of its members' professional skills in different social sectors.

We are politically unaffiliated and independent of any political party.





Mikonkatu 8 A, 8.krs
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Tel. 09 6226 850

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