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Loimu’s membership fees 2020 and bases for reduced prices

The member’s life situation is taken into account in the membership fees of the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu. Check to see which fee group you belong to.

  • Normal membership fee, including unemployment fund €32.00/month (€384/year)
  • Normal membership fee, not including unemployment fund €26.75/month (€321/year)
  • Student membership fee, not including unemployment fund €2.00/month (€24/year)
  • Student membership fee, including unemployment fund €7/month (€84/year)
  • Graduate of 2019 (former student member) €16.00/month (€192/year)
  • Retired membership fee (excluding unemployment fund) includes the magazine and Akava calendar (to be ordered) €3.00/month (€36/year)
  • Supporting member (member of another Akava union/long-term residence outside Finland) no membership in unemployment fund; membership benefits include the magazine and Akava calendar (to be ordered) €8.25/month (€99/year)

If you are a student member, please inform us of your graduation. We do not receive this information automatically.

You can email your graduation notification to jasenasiat (at) loimu.fi. Please include in your notification your date of graduation, as well as any employer and job title.

Recent graduates who have completed their first Master’s degree and been a student member of Loimu prior to their graduation only pay the student fee in their year of graduation. The fee for the year following graduation is half the normal membership fee. (One of the other reduced fees may also be applicable if the member meets the requirements for the reduced fee.) Normal membership fees are not charged until the year after this.

Reductions in membership fees for full members

A reduction may be granted in normal membership fees for both existing members and new full members. The reduced price is the same whether or not unemployment fund membership is included. Only one price reduction can be granted at a time. The reduction can be granted retroactively for no more than the present month and 6 preceding months (this may include several bases for reduction). Earned income includes wage income, the earned income portion of business income, grants, unemployment allowance, parental allowance and other similar income.

You can complete and print the reduction application form on the member intranet under Lomakkeet (“Forms”) after logging in through the member intranet link.

You can also submit an electronic application form. The link is available on the page for forms.

  • Monthly gross income under €2,000, reduction 50%,  €16.00/month
  • Monthly gross income €2,000–€2,600, reduction 25%, €24.00/month
  • Grant (no wage, only grant) €11.00/month
  • Child care leave, reduced fee €11.00/month
  • Full member, outside Finland (check unemployment fund membership), 50% reduction €16.00/month
  • Double membership, Finnish Union of University Professors, 50% reduction €16.00/month
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed, 50% reduction €16.00/month

Tax-deductibility of membership fee

Your membership fee is tax-deductible, and the union will inform the Tax Administration of the fee paid by you. On average, full members recover 40.5% and student members 19% of their membership fees in taxation. You can easily view the impact of earned income and tax deductions on your tax percentage by using the tax percentage calculator available on the Tax Administration’s website (https://www.vero.fi/en-US).






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