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Making a Brighter Future for You

27.9.2018Mikko Salo

Loimu´s slogan ”Valoisamman tulevaisuuden tekijät” means ”Makers of a Brighter Future”. To me, it crystallizes the value of the various fields and the various tasks you, our members, work with. In many ways the expertise you have and the work you do is important, not only for Finland and its future, but also for the future of our planet and all humankind.


This is the second year of Loimu´s operations. During the year we have moved forward with a project called ”Loimun tulevaisuus”, meaning ”The Future of Loimu”. The main goal of the project has been to produce Loimu’s long-term strategy for the coming years. A good strategy tells us what our main goals are and the focal points of our operation, why we do this work and how we do it.

One of the components of the strategy is the mission of Loimu. In the latest meeting of the strategy working group we decided to propose to the board of Loimu that our mission statement is ”The Well-being and Success of the Members” (”Jäsenten hyvinvointi ja menestys”). I think it sums up pretty well what trade union work for the highly educated consists of. Whether it is producing results for you in collective bargaining, giving you legal advice in your work matters or providing you with possibilities in developing your skillset, finding new job opportunities or getting to know Loimu colleagues from different fields, our aim is clear. Everything we do needs to be linked with what benefits your well-being and success in your working life.

You as our English-speaking members are very important to us and we want to ensure that our mission statement rings true to you also. I and all our staff welcome feedback from you and I promise we will do the best we can to serve you. We want to accompany you through your careers and be there for you while you continue making a brighter future for all of us.   

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