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The Loimu way

30.11.2018Mikko Salo

A major milestone in the young history of Loimu was reached last weekend. On Saturday 24th November in its fall meeting, the 30-member council of Loimu approved the Loimu Strategy ”Makers of a Brighter Future”. Our first strategy runs through year 2024 and consists of Loimu mission, vision, values and promises of a brighter future for all of you, our members.

The strategy has been in the works from early 2018 and a large number of Loimu members have participated in creating it. A very important tool in the strategy process has been the first Loimu member survey we conducted in the spring of 2018.

Our mission is well-being and success of members. That is what we all in the Loimu office work for every day. That is why Loimu exists. Everything we do should be somehow connected to fulfilling this mission.

Our vision is to be an active, influential organisation serving a satisfied and growing membership. We are on the right path towards year 2024 to reach the vision statement. There is a lot of work to be done, but we in the Loimu office and in the positions of responsibility are certainly ready for and up to the task.

Loimu values guide us in fulfilling the Loimu mission and reaching the Loimu vision for 2024. Values are something that should not change even though the strategic focal points may change over time. The Loimu values are:

  • Members First – We work for the benefit of our members, serving them actively. Members can trust in our expertise. We are here for our members.
  • Equality – We treat our members equally and promote equality in the society.
  • Courage – We are ready to make bold choices. We want to try new solutions. We are cooperative and open.
  • Responsibility – We act responsibly and according to sustainable development. We support Loimu members in making a brighter future.

In the strategy we make eight commitments to Loimu members. These commitments to making a brighter future are the focal points in fulfilling the Loimu mission and reaching the Loimu vision for 2024. These commitments are:

  • We actively serve our members
  • We look after our members´ interests in the job market
  • We want to grow and become stronger
  • We contribute to the development of the education in the Loimu fields of work and the competences of our members
  • We enhance the prerequisites for operation in the Loimu fields of work
  • We function as the sounding horn for Loimu members
  • We build togetherness amongst Loimu members
  • We carry our responsibility in building a sustainable future

Our action plan for year 2019 has been built on working towards fulfilling these promises and during the strategic period up until 2024 we will continue to base our actions on them. We will do it the Loimu Way, which is what the strategy is all about, doing things what the members want and need.

Feel free to comment on the strategy and contact me in any matters. We are here for your well-being and success.



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