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Loimu's Program for Sustainable Future

26.4.2019Mikko Salo

In December 2018 we concluded a year-long project, when after the Loimu Council meeting in November, Loimu board put the finishing touches to Loimu's Program for Sustainable Future.

Loimu´s Program for Sustainable Future is a document containing the most important topics and proposals Loimu wants to drive forward in Finnish society in the coming years. The topics and proposals have been gathered from Loimu members from all sectors. The Program was compiled and prepared by Loimu office. Loimu board and council discussed and decided the contents.

There are six key topics and proposals we bring forward in this program to build a sustainable future for Finland. They are as follows:

  • Investing in education and research that enhance competitiveness, know-how and new innovations
  • Committing to developing bioeconomy and its educational and research network
  • Advancing health-care related innovative and productive research and business activities
  • Executing forestry and industrial policies that strive for sustainable and versatile utilisation of natural resources and growth of carbon storage
  • Ensuring the preservation of diversity of Finnish nature
  • Enhancing flexibility in worklife, equal opportunities in combining work and family life as well as advancing the well-being and possibilities of influence for employees

On display in Loimu´s Program for Sustainable Future we have the main goals of our work for the coming years in driving forward the most important policy-making issues that have the most significance for our members while they strive for well-being and success in their professional activities. The program is the most important tool in our dialogue with the decision-makers concerning these important issues.

As the most important activity relating to Loimu´s Program for Sustainable Future in the coming years, we will be working towards these proposals to be addressed in the political decision making in Finland. This is done by meeting a lot of people involved in deciding and implementing policies on these matters and discussing these topics with them.

And most importantly, by driving forward Loimu´s Program for Sustainable Future we will do our best to help all of You members make a brighter future in Your line of work.

Read Loimu's Program for Sustainable Future (in Finnish) here




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