Fundamentals of Project Management

31.3. klo 14:30 – 2.5. klo 16:00 online

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Join 4 weeks modular online training about Fundamentals of Project Management!

This e-learning course is suitable for anyone who is likely to take an important part in or manage a project. It gives newcomers (students, project team members, beginning project managers) the possibility to acquire essential basics.

At the end of the course, the learners will have acquired a technical, formal and procedural knowledge. They will have learned the fundamental methods and tools of project management to successfully undertake their first projects.

  • Give the participants an overview of using projects to organize and manage work in their organization
  • Emphasize the usefulness of project management methods and tools
  • Familiarize the participants with the project life cycle through useful case examples and hands-on exercises
  • Make participants understand the significance of their own role as project manager

Learning methods and practices

Training combines self-study modules, collaboration with co-students, and synchronous online learning workshops.

The training material consists of various synchronous introductions, videos, blogs, and articles. Learned topics are applied to participants’ own projects both individually and in groups. Training introduces various practical tools and methods which are then practiced together.

The participants share their ideas and experiences in the moderated discussions in online worspace. This will further deepen and concretisize learned topics. There is a review test at the end of each self-study module. 

Price: 100 €

Trainer: Virpi Elers, Adapro/Projekti Instituutti

Schedule 3rd – 27th of May 2021

31st of March at 2.30-4.00 pm Orientation

13th of April at 12.30-4.00 pm Workshop 1

21th of April at 12.30-4.00 pm Workshop 2

2nd of May at 2.30-4.00 pm Wrap-up meeting

Detailed structure and content of the training (total duration 4 weeks)

Orientation meeting (Teams, 1,5 h)

  • Objectives and content of the training
  • Introduction of participants
  • Structure of the training and content of modules
  • Howspace and content of the first self-study module

Self-study module A (3-4 h)

  • Project management terminology and framework
  • Setting goals and objectives for projects to align work
  • Organizing a project and securing conditions to success

Workshop 1 (Teams, 3,5 h)

  • Setting project objectives and goals
  • Evaluating project complexity
  • Planning the project
  • Project scope planning and WBS

Self-study module B (3-4 h)

  • Project plan template
  • Introduction to project schedule, resource and cost planning
  • Managing project risks

Workshop 2 (Teams, 3,5 h)

  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Forecasting and reporting in the project
  • Managing changes in the project
  • Leading a project team.

Self-study module C (2-3 h)

  • Project stakeholders and planning communication
  • Utilizing agility in a project

Summary meeting (Teams, 1,5 h)

  • Summary, review, and discussion
  • Showcase of exercises

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