Learning Ecosystems

9.11. klo 18:00 – 19:00 webinar

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“The connection between education and the private sector is neither straightforward nor predictable, this makes many public-private-partnerships insufficient and unsustainable. These PPPs are therefore unable to meet the needs of the learners’ and to develop their key competences for the future.”

This webinar will concentrate on learning ecosystems. It is necessary to explore, experiment and develop new ways to connect the core elements and processes that support learning, entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration in the digital era. For this, we need to start working together instead of staying in silos, and to develop new cooperation models between educational institutions, businesses and other key stakeholders. In other words we need to start ecosystem-level collaboration, where value is created by, and distributed to, the different stakeholders in the ecosystem, to address the complex correlations between learning, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Educraftor is a Finnish consultancy focused on processes for building purpose-driven innovation and learning ecosystems. Educraftor has initiated and engaged a very diverse group of stakeholders and partners in both international and national projects.

In this webinar, Juhani will present some of Educraftor’s case studies to communicate the company’s vision and work in relation to learning ecosystems.

The webinar will:

  • ignite new thinking about public-private partnerships
  • help you reflect on your role in your local learning ecosystem
  • offer you valuable insights into education innovation processes

Trainer/Speaker: Juhani Koivuviita, Educraftor

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