Recognizing personal know-how and making it visible

24.5. klo 18:00 – 19:00 webinar

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How do I identify my know-how, skills and strengths? How do I make my know-how visible when looking for a job? How to find the skills I need to improve? We will find ways to identify your strengths and skills to help you in your job hunt. 

This webinar suits you, if you would like to: 

  • identify your know-how,
  • sell your working skills better to employers,
  • better communicate about your know-how. 


Anssi Aaltonen is a coach and service manager at Arffman Finland. Anssi has a very long background in employment-related job duties and activities. In his coaching work, Anssi says it is very important for him to keep the individual customer at the core of coaching. It is also always essential to clarify and then achieve the customer’s goals. In his coaching work, Anssi always strives to give all of his personal expertise for the benefit of the customer. 

Anssi has a master’s degree in sociology, a teacher’s degree and a neuropsychiatric coach degree. Anssi has over 10 years of experience in both individual and group coaching, as well as teaching work-related subjects to people from different age groups, cultures and life situations. To name a few, Anssi has worked as a job coach and teacher with the unemployed, immigrants, and those with neuropsychiatric challenges. Anssi has also been working in expert and coach roles in different Finnish authority networks and as a researcher on employment-related projects at the University of Lapland.

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