Advocacy work in the university sector

The advocacy work to protect the interests of Loimu members who work in the university sector is largely handled via the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO. JUKO has a negotiation committee for the university sector. The negotiation committee decides on the collective agreement for the university sector and its comments, and submits a proposal to the Board of JUKO for the approval or rejection of the collective agreement.

The employer is represented by the Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers, which is a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.
As the main national negotiation organisation, JUKO negotiates the collective agreements for Akava members working in the public sector and comparable sectors. The agreements set out salaries and other conditions of employment.

Approximately 18,000 members of JUKO affiliates work in the university sector.
Advocacy work at the local level is also an integral part of JUKO’s operations. The organisation has more than 2,000 representatives, of whom some 200 work in universities. The representatives negotiate with employers at workplaces and assist members in employment-related problems.

Loimu members in the university sector are subject to the general collective agreement for universities.

Approximately 2,000 Loimu members work in universities.

At Loimu, advocacy work in the university sector is led by Chief Negotiator Maija Arvonen, maija.arvonen (at)





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