Working students

Many students work during the summer or during their studies. Students should join the unemployment fund and take care of, for example, the right salary level and the realisation of their rights. The experts at Loimu will help you with questions related to work in any field.

Whether you are considering the content of your employment contract, job search or your salary requirement, Loimu’s experts will support you. On this page, you can also find a lot of independently usable material to support your job search and employment relationship. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need personal advice, please contact us!

Job search

Recognising skills, CV, job application, hidden jobs, job interviews and one’s own well-being during the job search are all important pieces of job search.

Check out our career experts’ tips to help you find a job! If you need a deeper reflection to support your career choices or job search, book an appointment with a career coach.

Employment contract

An employment contract can be concluded orally, in writing or electronically. Concluding the employment contract in writing is in the interests of both the employee and employer. A written employment contract makes it possible to check what has been agreed.

Salary recommendations

We follow the development of our members’ salaries in all employer sectors and industries annually. We also follow the salary development of recent graduates as well as students’ salaries. We prepare salary recommendations for students and recent graduates, in addition to which our experts help with salary matters personally as needed.

If you need help with preparing the salary requirement, please send an email to the Career Services or reserve an appointment for personal salary negotiation sparring.

What kind of career opportunities are there?

These pages introduce you to the most typical career options of Loimu’s members. The introduced options are not the only alternatives but provide examples of all the possibilities your education background offers.

Unemployment benefit

As a Loimu member, you can join the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko through us. Remember to join the fund early enough so that you can accrue the work requirement before you graduate.  All work is included in the work requirement, which means that the work does not need to be in your own field.


You have to join the unemployment fund separately. You can join the unemployment fund only when you are currently employed. It is not possible to join the fund retrospectively.

Job opportunities

Loimu’s vacancies is a feed built in cooperation with Duunitori which facilitates your job search. Familiarise yourself also with other vacancies that we have compiled for you.

We have listed major-specific employment information to support your career planning – read more about your career options!