Member Associations

In addition to the activities and services on a national level, Loimu also has a wide network of member associations around Finland.

The goal of all the member associations is to offer the members local and low-threshold activities that serve the members' professional development and networking.

Member Associations in Loimu

Local associations

Loimu has 14 member associations that operate locally in a certain area. These associations offer local activities and possibilities for networking.

Industry-specific and workplace-specific associations

Loimu has 20 member associations that bring together members working in a certain industry or a work place. Some of these associations have a strong advocacy role.

Student associations

Local student associations organise activities in the Finnish University cities and offer possibilities for interdisciplinary networking already when studying.

Support for running an member association?

Loimu supports its member associations both financially (annual financial assistance) and by offering trainings and guidance how to run an association.

How to start an association?

Being a member association of Loimu brings many benefits. Official member associations are approved by the board of Loimu.

If you are interested in starting a new member association, or have any other questions considering association activities please do not hesitate to contact us at

How to join a member association?

It’s easy to join any of our member associations! Log in to OmaLoimu and apply for membership in the member association you wish to join. The board of the association in question will handle your application and will get back to you.

Do notice that some of the member associations have a membership fee of their own, separate from the membership fee of Loimu. Membership in Loimu’s student association if free of charge.