Student organisation cooperation

At Loimu, we closely cooperate with the student organisations of natural sciences, environmental sciences and forestry as well as guilds in your area. Our cooperation is diverse and includes, among others, the following services:

  • Financial support for student organisation activities through student organisation agreements
  • Participation in the content creation for working life events organised by student organisations

Central themes of our student organisation cooperation include:

  • Supporting working life activities
  • Strengthening of advocacy, both locally and nationally
  • Student coverall and magazine advertisements
  • Support for sponsoring the members’ participation in events, different company excursions, anniversary dinners and large events in their field

Contact your campus promotor so that we can take our cooperation to a new level!

Local and national cooperation

In your region, local student activities are mainly organised by our own student associations and campus promoters. Our full-time employees in the office are in charge of the implementation of national events.

By means of cooperation, we want to support the student organisation activities in our fields, especially related to working life. We provide information and support with organising activities so that our students have the best possible starting point for entering working life already during their studies. Our objective is to make students more aware of our career services through cooperation so that they know where to find information about employment in their own field, about marketing their own know-how and about other skills that promote employment.