Frequently asked questions about the student membership

Membership and benefits

  • As a Loimu member, you will always get help with questions related to job search and working life! Our Career Services help you succeed in your career or job search. Our advocacy helps you by, for instance, reviewing your employment contract and proactively negotiating collective agreements. You also have access to our broad set of membership benefits.

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  • In case you are unemployed, you get earnings-related unemployment benefit from the unemployment fund. As the union for your own field of work, Loimu helps you in problematic working life situations, such as during co-operation negotiations and in questions related to looking for work or wanting to succeed in your career. Please note that you can also join the unemployment fund through Loimu. The Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko is the reliable and reasonably priced unemployment fund for Loimu members.

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  • Students are the makers of a brighter future. We want to be there to support you from the beginning of your career, which is when big decisions must be made. We believe it is important you get the best advice to help you along your career path, find help in matters related to your salary and can turn to us with any workplace-related questions. As a Loimu member, you get to focus on the work itself.

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  • Membership fees are used for producing member services as well as insurance benefits and similar benefits.

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  • Loimu’s members have access to a set of career services tailored to their needs. For members looking for a summer job, we arrange “Students and Recent Graduates in Working Life” lectures, provide career information related to the fields of Loimu, maintain a feed of open job advertisements for students, comment on job applications and give salary recommendations for students.

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  • Your student membership includes Turva’s leisure time travel insurance. Loimu’s mobile membership card or Turva’s TaskuTurva mobile application act as your travel insurance card.

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  • Your Loimu student membership includes professional liability and legal expenses insurance, which is only available to members of the union. Your membership also includes organisation insurance that protects you during Loimu’s organisational tasks and events.

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Unemployment fund

  • You should join the unemployment fund to make sure you are entitled to the earnings-related unemployment benefit after you graduate. According to our research, people are most likely to be unemployed after graduating. The amount of the earnings-related unemployment benefit depends on your salary, but it can be up to two times higher than other corresponding social security benefits.

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  • You should join the unemployment fund once you start working alongside your studies in order to accrue the required 26 weeks of work requirement before graduating. You easily meet the work requirement by working three or four summers or by working alongside your studies.

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Membership fees and notifying us about your graduation

  • We want to encourage all new students to join Loimu immediately after commencing their studies. Therefore, we have made Loimu student membership free from the first year of studies until the autumn of the second year of studies. After this, we charge a monthly membership fee of a couple of euros, which is less than what a cup of coffee costs! The value of your membership fee can be up to EUR 1,000.

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  • You can switch from the traditional paper invoice to a more environmentally friendly e-invoice in your own online banking system.

  • Once you graduate, let us know by e-mailing us at You can also update your graduation information on Loimu’s member pages, based on which we will contact you. It is important you keep your details up to date so that we can offer you services and benefits that suit your situation.


  • Once your free membership period has ended, you will receive your first membership fee invoice by post or as an e-invoice in your online bank.

Loimu’s local activities and student organisation cooperation

  • Loimu’s student association of your campus is a member association of Loimu and organises events and activities for students on your campus. Loimu is your union and it ensures the success and wellbeing of members in working life.

  • In order to agree about the forms of cooperation, Loimu offers a student organisation agreement to its cooperation student organisations. Activities supporting employment, such as different training and events, are at the core of the agreements. We also sponsor student coveralls and excursions focused on working life. The exact amounts of allowances are determined by the size of the organisation so that the amounts are fair across Finland for the 50 plus student organisations and guilds in our fields.

    Contact the campus promoter on your own campus. They will tell you more about the student organisation agreement.