Materials for cooperation organisations

This page contains adverts and logos for the use of our cooperation organisations. If you would like to have your magazine feature a specific topic, ask for more materials or give us feedback about the student organisation cooperation, adverts and magazine articles, contact your local campus promoter. You can find the promotors’ contact information at the bottom of the page.

Loimu’s logo for electronic materials

Loimu logo PNG

Loimu’s logo for overalls and other printed materials

For coveralls, the Loimu logo must always be printed in black or white, depending on whether the coveralls are light or dark in colour. Adverts must always be printed as large as possible.

Loimu logo PDF

Student organisation magazine articles

Contact your own campus promotor if you would like to feature Loimu’s articles in your magazine.

Welcome letter to freshers by Loimus’ executive director Mikko Salo.

Welcome letter to freshers 2023

Student organisation magazine adverts (FIN/SWE)


  • Fuksimainos A5-upright fin (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-horizontal fin (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-upright fin bw (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-horizontal fin bw (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-upright swe (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-horizontal swe (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-upright swe bw (.pdf)
  • Fuksimainos A5-horizontal swe bw (.pdf)

Student and StudentPlus

  • Opiskelijamainos A5-upright fin (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-horizontal fin (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-upright fin bw (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-horizontal fin bw (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-upright swe (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-horizontal swe (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-upright swe bw (.pdf)
  • Opiskelijamainos A5-horizontal swe bw (.pdf)

Career Services

  • Uramainos A5-upright fin (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-horizontal fin (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-upright fin bw (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-horizontal fin bw (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-upright swe (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-horizontal swe (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-upright swe bw (.pdf)
  • Uramainos A5-horizontal swe bw (.pdf)


Find your campus promoter’s contact information here.