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Why become a student member?

Membership benefits in a nutshell. As a student member, you enjoy the same benefits and services as our actual members.

Working students

See here our tips for job searching and working life!

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Student organisation cooperation

At Loimu, we closely cooperate with the student organisations representing natural sciences, environmental sciences and forestry as well as guilds in your area.

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Graduating students: working life and career

Working life awaits! We are here to support you during the transition from studying to working life!

Are you about to graduate or have you already graduated? Remember to notify us so that we can provide you with the benefits, messages and services that help you along your career path.


We follow the development of our members’ salaries in all employer sectors and industries annually. We also follow the salary development of the recently graduated.

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Frequently asked questions about the student membership

Many students often have similar questions related to working life. Can you find an answer to your questions on our website?

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