New graduates

Working life awaits – notify us about your graduation with the form at the bottom of this page!
We are here to support you during the transition from studying to working life. You may already have your first workplace waiting for you after graduation, or you may have received a research grant. Maybe you are still thinking about what direction to take with your working life.
People often have questions about salaries and terms and conditions of employment at the start of a new job. The transition may also involve searching for work and you may need earnings-related unemployment benefit before starting at a new job.

Loimu membership

After graduation, you become a full member. Remember to inform the union about your graduation. You can do that with the form at the bottom of this page, for example. This way you will get all the benefits, messages and services for new graduates that we want to offer you to help you move forward in your career.

Our first graduation gift for you is a discounted membership fee for a year after graduation! If you have already been our student member, you also get your graduation year membership for the price of a student membership fee.

Ready for Working Life online training

Are you newly graduated and looking for a workplace in your own field? Are you having trouble finding work or do you need support with recognising your skills? Do you have questions about how to stand out when applying for jobs?

At Loimu, we have created career coaching that is aimed at our members who have recently ended their studies or are about to graduate.

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Employment and career options

An ecologist, geologist, chemist, forestry officer or environmental expert? Or a planning officer, consultant, coordinator, project manager or researcher? Loimu’s members work under a great variety of titles – more than 1,000. We have listed major-specific employment information to support your career planning – read more about the options!

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Unemployment benefit

The membership fee for a full member includes unemployment insurance with the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko. The earnings-related unemployment allowance paid by the unemployment fund can be many times higher than the daily allowance paid by Kela. As a union member who is about to graduate, you should join the fund already while studying to accrue the work requirement.

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Salary recommendations

We follow the development of our members’ salaries in all employer sectors and industries annually. We also follow the salary development of the recently graduated. Read more about salary recommendations!

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Mentoring helps clarify the career options

Loimu offers a mentoring programme for our members who are at a turning point of their career and interested in specific work or career, but who feel the goal is still distant. Mentoring is aimed at new graduates, people with a recent doctorate or students who are about to finish their studies and have questions about their place in working life or need networks.

Networking with our community

Loimu offers you a fine professional community. Come and form networks with our member associations and at LinkedIn in the group for Loimu’s members.

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Membership benefits for new graduates

We offer you almost 100 different membership benefits. When you are about to graduate, the travel insurance, membership of the unemployment fund, Danske Bank’s benefit package for new graduates and the benefits available at the Member+ service for freetime can be useful.

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Career coaching and salary advice

Do you need help with finding a career or work? Are you already familiar with our materials that make it easier to find work? You should always find out the salary level when applying for a new job. We will help you ask for a salary that corresponds to your skills and experience before you sign the employment contract.

When you need personal assistance, book an appointment with Loimu’s career coach!

Palkkanosturi service

Members of Loimu enter the working life utilising our salary recommendation of €3,600. If you are interested in salary levels or salary development in different fields and different positions, go and test the Palkkanosturi service! You can test how the salary increases as you get more years of experience and what positions have the highest salaries. With statistical data, you are also better prepared for salary negotiations!

Customised training and events for people about to graduate

Below you can find upcoming interesting trainings and events for people who are about to graduate! You are sure to find interesting trainings in our recordings library; get tips for employment contract, prepare yourself for salary negotiations or get to know people working in different fields. You need to log in to access the recordings library.

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Congratulations on your graduation!

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Congratulations on your graduation!

Notify us about your graduation and we will send you a treat code for R-kioski in about a month. With the treat code, you can claim a graduation treat from any R-kioski outlet. The code contents change depending on the season. Please note that the treat code applies to graduation when you end your studies and become a full member instead of a student member.