Why student membership?

How can I find work in my field? What skills should I have? Who is on my side if something happens? Could I do my thesis for someone? How much pay should I ask for? What if I am unemployed after graduation? 

We offer students three different membership levels.

Explore the membership levels below and choose the one that suits you best!


The student life! 

At Loimu, you are not alone. You will meet great people and get valuable benefits from your first day of membership. As a Fresher member of Loimu, you will enjoy, for example: 

  • A huge amount of membership benefits, including free leisure-time traveller’s insurance, Loimu magazine for your home, and discounts on many everyday and holiday services 
  • The support of Career Services in the search for summer jobs, such as training and salary recommendations  
  • Advice through Lakiluuri – Loimu lawyer’s telephone service when working life surprises you with its complexity 
  • The good and helpful spirit of Loimu 

Fresher membership is free until the end of the year following the start of your studies, after which it automatically upgrades to the Student level. You can choose this membership if you have started your Bachelor’s or University of Applied Sciences degree studies in the current academic year.

You can upgrade your membership to the Student or Student Plus levels at any time!

Support and benefits for a new phase in life – Loimu is worth it 


Safety and security for your time as a student 

At Loimu, we will make you a professional who knows their own value. With a monthly fee of €2, you will be a member of our community and enjoy, for example: 

  • Personal career coaching and salary counselling when applying for a job 
  • Personal employment advice by a lawyer 
  • Getting comments on your employment contract 
  • All the benefits of Fresher membership (e.g. free traveller’s insurance and Lakiluuri – Loimu lawyer’s telephone service) 
  • And, of course: the good and helpful spirit of Loimu 

You can upgrade your membership to the Student Plus level at any time!

Membership suitable for all university students


When working life is calling, raise yourself to the Plus membership level! 

When working life calls in the form of a summer job or a more permanent employment relationship, include the Plus features in your membership. For a total price of €7 (month), you will also get: 

  • To accrue earnings-related unemployment benefit in employment relationships during studies. In this way, you can contribute to your potential to receive earnings-related unemployment benefit after your graduation.* 
  • The legal protection benefit you have accrued to cover your legal costs in the event of having to go to court about a working life dispute. 

*You can join the unemployment fund at the StudentPlus level separately at no extra cost when you have a valid employment relationship.  

Secure your study time and prepare for working life – Loimu is worth it