OmaLoimu e-Service

OmaLoimu is a new service for Loimu’s people, where you can, among other things, deal with our experts, pay your membership fees and update your personal information.

Through OmaLoimu you can easily reach all of our experts, and it is also safer to do business through it.

You can sign in to OmaLoimu with either a strong authentication or with your membership number. The strong authentication is done with your banking codes or with a mobile ID. Your membership number can be found in the green bar at the beginning of each membership letter. 

At the same time, we introduced a new member register and the OmaLoimu e-Service to improve our member services. Like new systems in general, OmaLoimu is still being developed. 

Did you notice anything missing or other areas for improvement in OmaLoimu? Let us know what you found and help us build the best OmaLoimu e-service possible!

Send a message to and let us know what you think. Thank you very much for your time and contribution to the development of OmaLoimu!