Membership benefits in a nutshell

Loimu’s membership benefits and -services, plenty of value for your membership!

Employment advisory specialists will support you in different situations in working life

  • The Lakiluuri helpline will help you with all matters related to your employment relationship, such as chained fixed term contracts, lay-offs and temporary.
  • Lay-offs the union’s lawyer will help you in dispute situations and we will take the matter forward, if necessary.

We safeguard the interests of the profession

  • Member advocacy protects, among other things,  the members’ terms and conditions of employment and salaries.
  • The terms and conditions of employment relationships are actively negotiated in different negotiation organisations as well as locally.

Advance your career development with the union’s services

Job search and career coaching

  • Get support and sparring from a specialist when looking for a job, revamp your CV and job application.
  • Plan your career with a career coach.

Salary advice

In addition to the Palkkanosturi tool, Loimu provides you with personal salary advice.


Every year, dozens of trainings are specifically tailored for our members in all career stages – job seekers, those moving to a new stage in their careers and those who are considering entrepreneurship.

Unemployment insurance protects you

  • Full members of Loimu are provided with unemployment insurance through the Unemployment Fund Erko.
  • Student members may also join the fund at the start of an employment contract.

Broad range of benefits to enjoy in your free time

  • Comprehensive insurance package from Turva.
  • Telephone counselling in private legal matters from Eversheds attorneys.
  • Danske Bank offers you money-saving benefits for your bank affairs.
  • The membership benefit service Member+ offers you various benefits and discounts.

The calculated estimate makes it easier to get an idea of how much you can benefit from union membership by using different services and benefits.

Service or benefitValue (€)*
Employment advice provided by a lawyer (60 min)200
Employment contract revision (30 min)100
Meeting with a career expert150
Comments on CV50
Salary recommendation50
Discussion on an estate inventory deed with a lawyer 30 min (Eversheds)100
Union’s insurance package (insurance for travellers and working life)170
A total of more than€1,000

The trade union membership fee is tax deductible and the union reports the payments directly to the Tax Administration. *The values have been calculated based on the prices of similar services that can be purchased on the free market.