Free telephone helpline – advice on legal matters concerning private life

Loimun jäsenillä on jäsenetunaan oikeus saada Eversheds Asianajotoimiston lakimiehiltä maksutonta neuvontaa puhelimitse yksityiselämäänsä liittyvissä oikeudellisissa asioissa.

Loimu members are entitled to receive advice on legal matters concerning private life from Eversheds attorneys by telephone as a membership benefit. How should you settle a failed apartment deal? How do you transfer property from one generation to the next? How is tax determined? What are the benefits of a prenuptial agreement? These are examples of questions that you can put to our experts by telephone. The telephone helpline covers all issues that can be dealt with over the telephone.

You can call Eversheds Sutherland attorneys on weekdays between 10.00 am. and 16.00 pm. The telephone numbers are

  • Helsinki 010 6841 400
  • Hämeenlinna 010 6841 401
  • Jyväskylä 010 6841 402
  • Tampere 010 6841 403
  • Turku 010 6841 404

Please mention at the start of the telephone conversation that it concerns union members’ telephone service. You also need to tell the attorney your membership number, which is on your membership card.