Frequently asked questions about membership and membership fees

Do you have questions about the membership or membership fees? Check out the frequently asked questions.


  • Absolutely! As an entrepreneur, you get a discount on the membership fee.

    Read more about an entrepreneur membership

    Remember also to check out the the benefits and services of Akavalaiset Yrittäjät AKY ry that you are entitled to as a member of Loimu.

  • According to the union’s rules, a member is liable to pay the membership fees on time. In cases where membership fees have not been paid, we always try to find a solution with the member to make sure the membership is not cancelled. If you need a payment plan to pay your membership fees, please contact our membership service via OmaLoimu.

    Neglecting your membership fee does not count as a membership cancellation notice.

    The union’s Board of Directors can cancel the membership of a member who has not paid their overdue membership fees and has not agreed on an alternative procedure with the union. Please note that your membership of the unemployment fund ends at the date your membership fee is no longer paid, but the date of cancelling your union membership is the date your membership is no longer valid.

    The unpaid membership fee may also be billed later in case of re-joining Loimu after a while.

  • Log in using strong authentication, or with a username / password.

    User ID: Your member number or the email address you have registered in Loimu’s member register.

    Password: There is no pre-set password. You have to create a password when you log in to the service for the first time. You can request a new password using the “Order a new password here” function link in the login window.

    A confirmation code will also be sent to your email address. You need to enter the code to the following page. Do not close your browser or the tab at any point in the process.’

    Read more instructions for resetting your password

  • You can cancel your membership of the union only by providing a personal notification in writing. A free-form message sent via OmaLoimu is a sufficient notification for cancelling the membership. You can only cancel your membership starting at the end of the month that your notification was received, not retroactively. You are obliged to pay the membership fee until the end of the month of your membership cancellation. Neglecting your membership fee does not count as a membership cancellation notice.

Membership fees

  • You can get a discount if your level of income is low, for example if you become unemployed, your employment relationship becomes part-time, you take a family leave, study leave or job alternation leave or work on a grant.

    You can apply for a discount via OmaLoimu.

    Read more about the fees and the discounts

  • Contact our membership service via OmaLoimu, to check that we have your correct discount period information and we will review your situation together.

  • You can wait until you’ve received a decision on your discounted fee. If you have not received a decision within a couple of weeks, please contact our membership service via OmaLoimu.

  • You can check your membership fee payment status and payment reference information via OmaLoimu. You can also make the payment in OmaLoimu.

  • You can switch from the traditional paper invoice to a more environmentally friendly e-invoice in your own online banking system.

    See the instructions for ordering the e-invoice

  • The overall balance based on the existing grounds for payment are taken into account with the e-invoices and the remaining balance is divided into equal amounts for the remaining months. If you have outstanding payments from earlier, these will be automatically added to the future payments and you can wait for your first e-invoice to arrive.

  • The overall balance based on the existing grounds for payment are taken into account with the e-invoices and the payments are divided into equal amounts for each month. This is why the sum on the e-invoice changes if you have missed a payment or the grounds for payment change during the year.

Unemployment fund

  • You can enrol in our unemployment fund, Erko, by submitting the application via OmaLoimu.
    You can join the unemployment fund once you start a salaried employment. Let us know the starting date of your job, the name of your employer and your job title. Please note that you can join the unemployment fund starting from the enrolment date, not retroactively.

    Read more about the unemployment fund!

  • You can join the unemployment fund only when you have a salaried employment. If you have joined the unemployment fund before your grant period, your fund membership will continue, but the grant period does not accrue the work requirement.

  • When you switch your unemployment fund, there can be a maximum of 30 days between the funds memberships in order for your unemployment benefit to continue without gaps. If you are not currently in a salaried employment and you are switching unions, keep the membership of your previous unemployment fund. You can only switch funds when you are employed or hold a permanent position. If you have questions, contact our membership services. In all cases, cancel the membership of your previous fund only when the union has confirmed your membership.

    When you join Loimu, notify us if you also want to join the Erko unemployment fund.

Travel and working abroad

  • The insurance is valid for leisure trips from Finland abroad as well as for trips in Finland made for leisure purposes that extend at least 50 kilometres from the insured’s home, workplace or leisure home. The insurance is valid for a maximum of 45 consecutive days from the beginning of the trip. If you have questions, contact Turva directly by calling 01019 5110.

    Read more about Loimu’s comprehensive insurance benefits

  • You can order an insurance certificate on Turva’s website. Additionally, you can get a certificate immediately at all Turva’s service points.

  • With the TaskuTurva application, you have your insurance information with you at all times. TaskuTurva is a mobile application for Turva’s customers and the members of trade unions insured by Turva. With the application, you can familiarise yourself with your insurance even better and view your insurance information anywhere at any time.

    Read instructions for downloading and additional information

    You can also find the travel insurance card at Loimu’s Member+ online service.

  • Even if you did not have the time to get a paper certificate with you on your travel, the insurance is still valid. If you deal with a hospital while you are abroad, it is useful to keep the SOS travel emergency number with you: +358 1019 5111. When you call them and let them know that you are a member of Loimu, they will help you with invoice matters and arranging a transfer back home, if required. They can also inform the hospital about the coverage of Loimu’s insurance, etc.

  • Loimu has a pan-Nordic guest membership agreement that allows you to use the services of a sister union in your destination country when you have paid your Loimu membership fee. Notify us by contacting us via OmaLoimu.

    Read more about the Nordic guest member agreement

  • When you move abroad, always make sure if your unemployment fund membership still applies by contacting us via OmaLoimu. When you live abroad, you also get a discount on Loimu’s membership fee.

    Read more about working abroad 

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