Loimu badge

One of the promises of Loimu’s strategy is to build communality among the members of Loimu. There is a Loimu badge available for this purpose. With the badge, you can let people know that you are a member of Loimu and you will recognise other members of Loimu in workplaces and our fields’ events.

The badge is a bit festive on purpose so it can be used in everyday life as well as in parties. Each full or senior member of Loimu can get a Loimu badge. The tree in the badge symbolises strength and growth – a movement towards better. The colours of the leaves symbolise Loimu’s versatile members who create a brighter future with their competence. The colours of the leaves have been taken from Loimu’s current logo. So, there is something new, something borrowed and something blue in the badge!

The badge will be distributed at Loimu’s events. You can also set an appointment at Loimu’s office during our office hours to collect your badge. Welcome to collect your very own badge!

The badge is one of Loimu’s membership benefits and free for our members.

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