This is how you can pay the membership fee

You can pay Loimu’s membership fee using a paper invoice or an e-invoice. Loimu’s membership fee will be collected starting from the beginning of the month that follows the person’s joining the Union.

Membership fee invoices are mailed to the home addresses in Loimu’s member register in January every year. You can pay the entire year at once or in instalments. You can also order the membership fee invoice as an e-invoice through your online banking system.

Membership fee invoice as an e-invoice

An e-invoice is the easiest way to pay your membership fee. The e-invoice membership fee is charged monthly and all you have to do is to approve the invoice in your own online banking system.

If your situation in life changes during the year and your membership fee is adjusted correspondingly, the e-invoice will be automatically updated in your online banking system. The changes are updated at the beginning of the next calendar month.

How do I order an e-invoice?

You can switch from the traditional paper invoice to a more environmentally friendly e-invoice in OmaLoimu or in your own online banking system:

  1. Select or search for Loimu from the list of invoicing parties in your online banking system using Loimu’s Business ID 0202153-4 or identifier “Loimu” or “Luonnon-, ympäristö- ja metsätieteilijöiden liitto Loimu ry”.
  2. Please provide your national identification number for invoice tracking purposes.
  3. Please remove any paper invoice instalments you have entered for payment in your online bank (if any).
  4. The invoicing system divides the remaining annual fee into equal instalments for the remaining months. For this reason, the monthly payment of e-invoice may differ from the normal monthly payment.

    If necessary, you can receive additional information from your bank.

    E-invoicing starts from the beginning of the next calendar month or, if you have already paid for the membership fee for the entire year, from the beginning of the next year.