Insurance benefits

As a member, you are insured under organisation insurance, liability and legal expenses insurance and passenger insurance with the mutual insurance company Turva. In addition, you can get discounts on your other insurances.


  • The insurances cover full members of the association under the age of 68 and student members. The insurance is valid until the end of the year in which the member retires permanently, but not later than the end of the year in which the member reaches the age of 68.

    The insurance also covers children under the age of 20 travelling with the insured. Children refer to the insured’s own children and grandchildren, the children of the insured spouse and children permanently living in the same household as the insured.

    The insurance is valid for leisure trips from Finland abroad as well as for trips in Finland made for leisure purposes that extend at least 50 kilometres from the insured’s home, workplace or leisure home. The insurance is valid for a maximum of 45 consecutive days from the beginning of the trip.

    Loimu’s mobile membership card also acts as a travel insurance card. Be sure to keep the card with you when travelling and present it when needed. Turva’s TaskuTurva mobile application also acts as a travel insurance card. If necessary, you can order a passenger insurance certificate from Turva’s website and the certificate will be emailed within 24 hours.


  • Members of the union are insured under organisation insurance whenever participating in organisation tasks or events around the world. Contrary to the terms of the insurance, the passenger insurance does not comply with the upper age limit of 70 years.

    The organisation insurance includes passenger insurance, luggage insurance, travel liability insurance and legal expenses travel insurance.

    More information about the organisation insurance

Discounts and benefits

  • Loimu’s members have the opportunity to take out Finland’s cheapest life insurance* with a continuous discount of 58.4%. Life insurance provides financial security for your family if the worst happens. You get Primus life insurance at a substantial member discount for yourself and your spouse.

    Members who have taken out life insurance have saved an average of EUR 340 a year on the price of life insurance.

    • Price comparison for life insurance, FINE 2016. Primus policies are issued by Kaleva, the oldest life insurance company in Finland, represented by If P&C Insurance Corporation, the Finnish branch.

    You and your family are entitled to benefit from accident insurance issued by Kaleva. Primus accident insurance for children is affordable insurance for your child. It is valid for people under the age of 25 and also covers accidents in competitive sports up to the age of 18. The insurance costs on average about EUR 3 per month.

    Primus accident insurance for adults is a flexible and affordable option when you want to choose your accident insurance according to your own life situation. You do not have to fill out a medical certificate to get the insurance, and it is immediately valid. The insurance is valid both at work and in leisure time.

    As an added benefit to all new Primus policies, you will receive a free Survivors’ cover (Selviytymisturva) EUR 2,000. If the worst happens, the sum is paid to the insured’s estate or beneficiary.

  • In the event of unemployment or layoffs, insurance company Turva is flexible in its customers’ insurance premiums. On request, the Turva grants an unemployed or laid-off union member a six-week interest-free additional payment period for insurance premiums. In order to receive a payment period, a Turva customer who has become unemployed or laid off must contact Turva’s customer service upon receipt of the invoice to receive more detailed operating instructions.

    Turva serves its customers online, by phone and chat, as well as at local offices. You can check the opening hours of the offices at or book an appointment with the office of your choice. You can also make an appointment for a phone or online appointment.

    You can find Turva’s contact information here.

  • Turva offers our members a continuous 10% discount. When you insure your home in Turva and take out one or more other insurances, you get a 10% owner discount on all insurance premiums!

      • Members of the trade union get a 10% membership discount.
      • When you insure your home in Turva and take out one or more other insurances, you get a 10% owner discount on all insurance premiums. If you do not have a household insurance or only have one insurance from Turva, you will receive a 10% owner discount after being our customer for two years.

    Discounts do not apply to traffic insurance or life insurance. All private individuals who have at least one continuously valid household, personal or vehicle insurance in Turva are Turva’s owner-customers.

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  • Protect your loved ones with a Turvassa insurance policy, only €6.77/month*

    Live in the here and now – the best protection for your loved ones is your life insurance 

    Life insurance does not directly benefit you personally, but rather those you love the most. Turvassa life insurance is a new life insurance policy that is also inexpensive, particularly for members of Loimu: only €6.77/month (*example of the price for 2021: a 30-year-old Loimu’s member, compensation of €100,000). Turvassa life insurance is provided by LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

    See for yourself.

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