Benefits of an entrepreneur

For more and more experts, entrepreneurship is a tempting opportunity to use their skills in different ways. In addition to being a full-time entrepreneur, you can work as an entrepreneur in many ways: casually, as a light entrepreneur or by combining paid employment and entrepreneurship.

We offer our members who works as enterpreneur help, services and benefits. We promote the issues of entrepreneurs together with other Akava member unions.

Services for entrepreneur members

  • Loimu is a member union of AKY – Akavalaiset yrittäjät ry. AKY organises trainings, entrepreneurship events and company visits that the entrepreneur members of Loimu can participate in. You can find more information on academic entrepreneurship and upcoming events and trainings at (in Finnish).

  • VirtualLawyer is an electronic legal databank created by the attorneys of the legal services company Fondia. The databank provides basic juridical knowledge to support daily business operations. The service includes over 1,700 articles in Finnish and English covering important juridical questions for entrepreneurs, over 150 document models with instructions and checklists. The service also suggests useful links to laws and other sources of information for those who need additional information.
    As a membership benefit, the members of Loimu get free access to the VirtualLawyer service. The service’s normal price is 240 euros per year.

    The VirtualLawyer service covers the ten most important areas of law for business:

    • Personnel and supervisor work
    • Legal agreements for businesses
    • Data protection
    • Consumer protection and product liability
    • Corporate law
    • Financing and mergers & acquisitions
    • Public procurement and competition law
    • Environmental law and construction
    • Business assets
    • Environmental law and construction
    • Business assets

    You can start using the service by registering at and by providing a campaign code. You can find the campaign code in the member pages.

  • With the coach you can consider the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, which company form is suitable for you, social security or the everyday life and well-being of an entrepreneur.
    Loimu’s career coach has personal experience in both full-time and part-time entrepreneurship. Book online sparring session:

    Read more (in Finnish): 

Membership benefits for entrepreneurs

  • The members of Loimu can use the invoicing service with a 20 per cent discount. The member price is 4 per cent of the total amount of invoicing, excluding VAT (the normal price is 5 per cent). You can get the discount by letting the customer service know that you are a member of Loimu. Please note that the users of invoicing services are considered to be entrepreneurs (often part-time), which has an effect on unemployment security. Additional information about’s services and the deployment of the service are available at the page.

    The members of Loimu get a 10 per cent discount from the monthly fees of UKKO Pro. Monthly fee from 0 euros per month. UKKO Pro is meant for private traders who can automatise their accounting through the service and therefore save in accounting fees. It is also possible to establish a trade name for free through the service if you do not have one already. For more information, visit the page.

    The members of Loimu get a 20 per cent discount on the OP Light Entrepreneurship service. Enter your Loimu membership number when you start using the service. The OP Light Entrepreneurship service takes care of paperwork, tax returns and payments for you, which means you can focus on your business. You will get a business ID through the OP Light Entrepreneurship service, which means that you will become an actual entrepreneur, although if your operation is small-scale, you can be considered as a part-time entrepreneur. For more information, visit OP’s pages.

  • Loimu’s entrepreneur members can get Suomen Yrittäjät’s large service package for 140 euros per year. You can get the service package directly from the Suomen Yrittäjät website. The service package includes, for example, a document bank and information services.

  • Loimu’s member insurance are with the insurance company Turva. The detailed information on the types of insurance can be found in Turva’s website.

    The forms of insurance below are included in the membership fee:

    • Traveller’s insurance for leisure journeys
      The union’s membership card/mobile membership card are accepted as a certificate of insurance. If necessary, you can order a traveller’s insurance certificate from Turva’s website.
    • Organisation insurance
      While doing the union’s organisation work and during events, you are insured in the Organisation insurance as a member of the union.
    • Professional liability and legal expenses insurance
      The insurance covers members and student members of the union who are employed or hold a permanent position with a third party as well as grant researchers in matters concerning their research work. The insurance covers also entrepreneurs and self-employed persons belonging to the union who do not have employees. In accordance with the rules of the union, members who have paid the membership fee and who have been members of the union for the previous six months are covered by the insurance.

    In addition to the insurances included in the membership fee, Turva offers discounts on other voluntary insurances, such as home insurances, car insurances and personal insurances. Read more

  • Benefits of insurance company If: Primus life insurance and accident insurances as well as other insurance benefits offered by If. Read more.

  • Holvi is a fully digital financial management service that gathers together everything that a small entrepreneur needs. A fully digital account and tools attached to it are in the core of the service: a payment card, invoicing, online store and accounting. Holvi business account offers all the same payment features as a traditional account. With Holvi’s mobile app you can monitor transactions easily with your phone. You will receive a notification of every purchase and you can snap a picture of a receipt with your phone and save the receipts directly to your accounting. You can create, send and monitor invoices easily, and with Holvi’s reports view and VAT calculator, you will know exactly how your business is doing.

    Loimu is a member union of AKY, which means that the members of Loimu will get Holvi’s Grower package for three months without a monthly fee by using the discount code found in the Member+ service when opening an account.

  • See the trainings and events for entrepreneurs in Loimu’s training calendar: