Hotels and holiday homes

Over 60 cottages available to you via A-palvelut

A-palvelut offers Akava union members affordable holiday cottages for rent, for example, in Ruka, Tahko and Vierumäki. You can explore the offerings and book the holiday apartments through the Member+ service with photos of the cottages and information on prices and free weeks.

The cottage of Helsingin metsänhoitajat

The cottage of Helsingin metsänhoitajat in Nuuksio National Park is available to members of Loimu as a rental cottage.

Holiday Club Resorts Oy

Holiday Club offers at least a 15% discount on daily prices for Holiday Club spa resorts, Villas and Chalets apartments, and holiday homes. In addition, Holiday Club can offer additional promotional benefits. The code required for booking can be accessed through the Member+ service.

Hotels and other partners

Certain partners and hotel chains offer annual contract prices to Akava. So, it is always worth asking the Akava price when booking accommodation. A valid membership card or other certificate of membership must be presented when booking. You can check all hotel and other accommodation benefits at the Member+ service offering a wide range of benefits.

Hyvinvointilomat ry

Supported holidays for Akava members and their families. Holidays are themed for families, pensioners and the unemployed. More information:
Read more about supported holidays at the Member+ service.

Finnish Hostel Association

Offers benefits to Loimu’s members. The accommodation benefit in Finnish hostels is 10% of the normal accommodation price. An international hostel card can be obtained at a membership price for the whole family. You need to prove your membership to take advantage of the membership benefits. The best way to prove your membership is to have a valid membership card.

Book your accomodation at the online service

More information about the holiday homes at the Member+ service.