Legal protection benefit

Since 1 January 2023, the members of Loimu have enjoyed a significantly improved legal protection benefit. The legal protection benefit shall cover the costs of the legal proceedings of a member if, despite the efforts made in the negotiation, a dispute relating to the employment or service relationship of the member needs to be brought before a court.

The legal protection benefit is one of the key member benefits offered by the trade union, as such an advantage is not available anywhere else.

The legal protection benefit shall compensate the legal expenses of a member in the event of a dispute related to the employment or service relationship, if the dispute cannot be settled by negotiation. The benefit is better for the member the longer the person has been a member. The legal protection benefit starts to accrue immediately upon joining the membership, also for student members.

The primary means of resolving disputes related to employment and public service relationships is negotiation, and thus the majority of disputes are settled even before they go to court. In negotiations between the member and the employer, the member is assisted or represented by Loimu’s negotiation director. If no resolution is reached in the negotiations, the chances of the dispute succeeding in court will be assessed together with a law firm specialising in labour law. If it is decided to take the matter to court, the member’s case will be handled by a lawyer in a law firm specialising in labour law.

Duration of membership in yearsAmount of legal protection EURDeductible %Deductible EUR
<110 000303000
115 000203000
220 000153000
320 50014,52972,50
421 000142940
521 50013,52902,50
622 000132860
722 50012,52812,50
823 000122760
923 50011,52702,50
1024 000112640
1125 000102500
1226 00092340
1327 00082160
1428 00071960
1529 00061740
1630 00051500
1731 00041240
1832 0003960
1933 0002660
2034 0001340
21 ja > 2135 00000

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