Joining the unemployment fund

You have to join the unemployment fund separately. You can join the unemployment fund only when you are currently employed.

You can join the unemployment fund when joining Loimu. In this case, joining the unemployment fund is done with the same form as joining Loimu.

If you are already Loimu’s member and want to join the unemployment fund, you can:

  • join the unemployment fund using the form available on OmaLoimu.
  • fill in the form at the end of this page. The notification must state the start date of employment and the name of your employer.

The unemployment fund membership begins on the joining date, at the earliest. The joining notification can also be submitted in advance if the end date of the employment is known.

You can join the unemployment fund only when you are currently employed.

Transferring from another union or unemployment fund

If you have been a member of another unemployment fund before joining Loimu, the unemployment benefits will follow you, as long as no more than 30 days have passed between resigning from the other unemployment fund and joining the unemployment fund through Loimu. 

We recommend that you always join Loimu first and then join the unemployment fund through us, and only then notify your old unemployment fund of your resignation.

Please note that changing your unemployment fund is only possible while being employed, which means that you cannot change the unemployment fund while unemployed or on unpaid leave.

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