What is Loimu?

Loimu is a professional union of highly educated experts in the natural sciences as well as environmental and forestry sciences. We have approximately 16,500 members.

The Loimu members – who are we?

The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu is a multidisciplinary union. Our members are work in sectors that play key roles in human wellbeing and the future of Finland as well as the whole world.

Towards a brighter future

Our mission is the well-being and success of our members. In its strategy, Loimu has defined its mission, values and vision, as well as the promises it has made to its members.


Our influence in Akava and society

We influence working life by being active in the Akava community.


Loimu’s Sustainable Future Programme

In our programme for a sustainable future, we introduce the presentations of highly educated experts in order to promote Finnish success and sustainable development.