Loimu's Sustainable Future Programme

In our programme for a sustainable future, we introduce the presentations of highly educated experts in the natural sciences as well as environmental and forestry sciences in order to promote Finnish success and sustainable development.

Loimu proposes that the Finnish government draw up its own Sustainable Future Programme in the 2019–2023 parliamentary term, with sustainable solutions for business, education and environmental policy that will bring well-being and success to Finns well into the future in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Finland’s future and its construction must be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

Loimu’s proposals for building a sustainable future are:

  • Investing in education and research that promotes competitiveness, skills and new innovations
  • Committing to the development of bioeconomy sectors and their education and research network
  • Investing in innovative and productive healthcare-related research and business
  • Implementing a forest and economic policy aimed at the sustainable and diversified use of natural resources and the growth of carbon stocks
  • Ensuring the preservation of Finnish biodiversity
  • Promoting flexibility in working life, equal opportunities to reconcile work and family life, and employee well-being and empowerment

During 2018, Loimu’s office and shop stewards prepared Loimu’s Sustainable Future Programme. The programme serves as a charter for our social impact. Loimu Board of Delegates approved the content of the Sustainable Future Programme at its autumn meeting on 24 November 2018. In addition to the Sustainable Future Programme, Loimu has published its own proposals for the Finnish government programme for the 2019–2023 parliamentary term, as well as joint forest and agricultural policy government programme proposals with the Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists and LUVA Natural Resources, the umbrella organization for experts in the sectors of natural resources in Finland