Let’s all be a part of Loimu – recommend a membership

Recommend a membership for you colleague and both of you will receive a €50 Super Gift Card!

Do you have a colleague or a friend who is not yet a member of Loimu? Recommend them to become a member! We will reward the referrer and the new member with €50 Super Gift Cards when the new member reports the referrer’s details when they join Loimu. A person with a degree in natural sciences, environmental sciences or forest sciences, or a person whose duties belong to the field of activity represented by the full members, are eligible to join Loimu.

Rules of the promotion in a nutshell

If a person you have referred becomes a new full member of Loimu and the person meets the membership criteria as defined by the rules, we will send out a €50 Super Gift Card to both of you when the following conditions are met:

  • The name and email address of the referrer can be found in the referrer field of the accession form or the additional information field of the paper form.
  • A new member joins as a full member.
  • The person in question has not been a member of Loimu in the past 12 months.
  • The person has paid membership fees for at least two months or an equivalent sum.

Gift cards will be delivered about three months after signing up.

    • A new member can only have one referrer.
    • The same referrer can recommend membership to multiple people and thus receive multiple gift cards per year.
    • The referee must be a member of Loimu or an employee representative of an Akava member union.
    • Rewards will be sent to the e-mail address found in the register of Loimu, JUKO or YTN.
    • Loimu will cover any shipping costs of posting the rewards related to the member acquisition promotion.
    • Loimu reports all sent gift cards to the Incomes Register. According to the Tax Administration instructions, gift cards are taxable income for the recipient.
    • Members of Loimu’s staff, i.e. those who earn income from Loimu, cannot receive a reward for referring. Loimu’s elected officials, such as members of the Board of Delegates, the Board of Directors, and committees, are entitled to the referrer reward.
    • Referrers cannot be listed retroactively.
    • Loimu has the right to change the terms or rewards of the promotion or end the promotion.

    This promotion is available until further notice.