Update your membership information

When was the last time you checked and updated your membership information? Are your workplace and study details up to date? Are all important messages from Loimu and your own member association reaching the right email address? Have you checked your membership fee status or updated any eligibility for fee discounts?

You can easily update your membership and contact information by logging into OmaLoimu.

Having up-to-date information allows us to advocate for our members’ interests and serve them more efficiently by tailoring services to members’ life situations. With correct contact details, you will receive Loimu magazine and other timely communications.

Important information includes a functional email address, phone number, and workplace or study details. This ensures that you receive important messages relevant to you, for example, in a workplace negotiation situation, and receive support if there are changes to your employment situation.

How to keep my member information up to date?

• Log in to the OmaLoimu service

• On the My Information page, you can see your membership details: contact information, workplace and study information, and matters related to your employment. Additionally, in OmaLoimu, you can view your membership fee information.

• If you notice anything that needs updating, make the necessary changes and remember to click the “Save” button.